Mrs. Buthaina Al Ansari
Mrs. Buthaina Al Ansari


Founder and chairperson of Qatariat T&D holding company



Named “Business Women of the Year 2011” by Arabian Business Magazine and rated 67 among the 100 most powerful women in the Middle East in 2011, Ms. Buthaina Al Ansari is strategic program planning manager in Qatar Telecom and founder and chairperson for Qatariat T&D holding company.

The company incorporates three different companies focusing on three different areas with the unified aim to help develop women’s knowledge, enhance their confidence and help them innovate so they can face life’s challenges; Qatariat Training and Development, which targets Qatari women in Doha to develop their skills and expertise; Qatariat Magazine, a magazine for businesswomen which covers local and regional news of businesswomen, including their achievements, social contributions and their work problems and related issues; and Qatariat Development Consultancy, which targets both women and men in developing business plans and restructuring issues.

Ms. Buthaina is an adamant supporter of professionals and businesswomen who either wish to or already contribute to the society and economy through their significant professional or entrepreneurial achievements.